A Day in the Life with Toast: The Furry Office Manager

Apr 4, 2024 | Storytelling

The life of a freelance writer often means the lines between home and office blur. In my home office, there exists a managerial presence unlike any other. This isn’t your typical clipboard-wielding, coffee-chugging supervisor. Oh no, this is Toast – a seal point Devon Rex with a personality as unique as her curly whiskers. As she strolls into our home office, her workplace as much as ours, it becomes clear who’s really in charge here.

Daily Devon Duties

Toast’s day begins with a rigorous inspection of the premises. No box goes unjumped in, no pen remains on the desk if it can be on the floor, and every incoming email is scrutinized with a keen eye… and occasionally a paw. It’s her office; we’re just living in it. At the ripe age of nearly 5, Toast has perfected her role as the office manager, blending a unique mix of curiosity, bravery, and, let’s be honest, a touch of adorable foolishness that only a feline supervisor could get away with.

Biggest dislike: Coffee! She’ll bury it because it stinks!

Supervision and Shenanigans

Her curiosity knows no bounds. Each keystroke is a mystery to solve, and every cup of water is something to stick her face in. She’s braver than she is smart, which often leads to moments of unintentional comedy, like when she decided to ‘file’ herself in a desk drawer, only to realize that getting out required a level of problem-solving slightly beyond her grasp. But fear not, for her sweetness compensates for any lapse in judgment. Toast’s cuddles are the ultimate stress relief, a reminder that no deadline is too pressing for a quick snuggle break.

Surveying Our Workspace

The cat shelves in our office, now called the Spice Rack, are Toast’s domain. She navigates them with the grace of a tightrope walker, occasionally pausing to look down at her humans with a blend of affection and mild judgment. She oversees the day’s operations from her perch, ensuring that productivity remains high and morale even higher. After all, what’s a workday without a few moments spent admiring your boss’s grace and athleticism?

Toast’s management style is paws-on. Documents left unattended are subject to her rigorous approval process, which often involves sitting on them for an indeterminate amount of time. Meetings are always a joy with Toast in attendance, offering her valuable input through purrs and the occasional meow, translating roughly to, “Yes, that’s a brilliant idea!” or “Have you considered taking a break to feed me?”

Wrapping it Up

As the sun sets on another productive day, Toast takes a well-deserved rest atop the desk, curled up beside the keyboard in a lunchbox she claimed as her bed. Her presence is a gentle reminder of the beauty in the mundane, the joy in the everyday. She’s more than just a pet; she’s a member of the team, the heart of the office, and the furry little soul that makes every workday a delight.

In a world where work can sometimes feel overwhelming, Toast teaches us the importance of curiosity, the value of taking risks (even if they don’t always pan out), and the undeniable power of a good cuddle. So, here’s to Toast, the best office manager a freelance writer could ask for. May her days be filled with adventurous shelf-climbing, spirited document reviewing, and all the cuddles her heart desires.

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