Care and Feeding of Your Introverted Writer: A Guide to Effective Collaboration

Mar 27, 2024 | Freelance Writing

The moment arrives: my phone starts ringing, displaying an unfamiliar number—potentially a client. The expected action would be to answer it, but my anxiety suggests a different approach: avoidance.

As a writer with a side of social awkwardness, phone calls can be as daunting to me as a vacuum cleaner to a corgi.

Instead of picking up, I wait for the voicemail transcript, giving me time to gather my thoughts and respond on my terms. Whether it’s a call when I’m prepared or an email reply—my preferred method of communication—I ensure I address their queries as effectively as possible.

My introverted nature sharpens my skills as a writer. My active listening, meticulous observation, efficient time management, and passion for researching and sharing knowledge make me an effective communicator in the digital realm.

Conversely, the world is filled with extroverts who thrive on direct interaction, preferring calls over texts and emails, especially among small business owners and marketers.

Fostering a Synergistic Relationship with an Introverted Freelance Writer

To harmonize these contrasting communication styles, here are several strategies for those working with introverted bloggers:

  • Opt for Face-to-Face Meetings: If geographically feasible, try to meet in person. Physical meetings allow for better reading of visual cues, enhancing understanding.
  • Schedule Calls: Instead of unexpected calls, email to set a specific appointment. This respects the anxious writer’s need for preparation.
  • Careful Email Correspondence: Details can be overlooked in the fast-paced business environment. Read emails thoroughly to avoid miscommunications.
  • Clear Directions and Expectations: Articulate clearly what you envision for your content to ensure your writer can deliver their best work.
  • Prompt Feedback: Address any issues or dislikes promptly. Delayed feedback can complicate or even render some issues unfixable.

Recognizing Red Flags

While introversion is not a flaw, it should not excuse poor performance or lack of professionalism. Be wary if your freelancer:

  • Fails to attend to details consistently.
  • Produces unsatisfactory work even after several communications.
  • Misses deadlines frequently or often requests extensions.

Many introverts pursue freelance work due to their reliability and time management abilities. If you encounter any of the above issues, it may be time to seek a new blogging partner.

Collaboration is the Key

Differences in communication styles between you and a freelance writer do not signify the end of a productive relationship. Understanding and adapting to each other’s preferences can build a foundation of trust, awareness, and constructive feedback, ensuring a successful collaboration.

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