Who is Laura M. LaVoie?

I’m not just a freelance writer; I’m a storyteller who has adopted the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, as my home. Leaving behind a successful 15-year career as a recruiter in the temporary staffing industry in 2012, I embarked on a bold journey of full-time writing.
My passion for storytelling extends beyond my own adventures. Today, I collaborate with dpeg Marketing Company in Asheville, North Carolina, crafting tailored copy and original blog posts for businesses in diverse sectors, from equine and agriculture to tiny homes, pets, and breweries.

As the author of three books, all available on Amazon, I offer insights into tiny homes, job hunting, and the pleasures of craft beer.

I’m not only a prominent figure in the Tiny House movement, having built my own 120-square-foot tiny home near Asheville, but also an enthusiastic traveler who traverses the globe, seeking inspiration from other cultures and experiences.

But my creative journey doesn’t stop there. I’m currently working on several novels in various states of revision. My diverse interests span from mixology to embracing my inner geek, indulging in television storytelling, and exploring pop culture conventions and cosplay.

Join me as I weave tales and travels, one word at a time, painting vibrant stories that capture the essence of life’s adventures.


Laura M. LaVoie: Writer

Reliable, Creative, and Fun

Real Human Writer

Artisanal, Hand-Crafted, Homegrown Content for Your Business

Meet Toast

“What’s with the owl?” – Toast, probably.

Introducing Toast, the charming Devon Rex cat who shares an office with Laura M. LaVoie: Writer. Toast brings a touch of feline finesse to the creative workspace, offering unparalleled supervision and management services. With the soft curls Devon Rexes are known for and eyes that hold a world of curiosity, Toast is not your ordinary office mate.

From lounging on the keyboard to perching atop the highest bookshelves, Toast ensures that every writing endeavor is met with a discerning feline critique. With a purr of approval or a gentle paw on the manuscript, Toast provides essential feedback, reminding everyone that in the world of storytelling, even the most eloquent words must pass the scrutiny of a discerning cat.

Beyond her official duties, Toast is a source of inspiration, offering comfort during writer’s block and a welcome distraction during those much-needed breaks. Her playful antics and quiet companionship testify to the fact that sometimes, the most important stories are those written in the silent eloquence of a cat’s presence.

Toast, the literary feline extraordinaire, adds a touch of whimsy and warmth to the office, reminding us that creativity flourishes in the company of kindred spirits, whether human or cat.

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