Rediscovering My Passion: Balancing Authentic Storytelling and Creative Endeavors in a Changing Industry

Jul 1, 2024 | Creative Writing

In a Mighty Friday session with Jane Carter a few months ago, I was asked a surprising question that changed my perspective.

“But what do you do that feeds your soul? Do you work on writing just for you?”

I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s been on my mind a lot since then.

I’ve decided to make a slight shift for the rest of this year to see where it takes me. As AI is rapidly taking over many tasks traditionally done by writers, I want to see how it shakes out. While I continue my work with dpeg Marketing Company and my current clients, I am only taking on two more clients this year.

If you’re interested in authentic storytelling for your brand, feel free to contact me.

A Lifelong Passion

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t write. In elementary school, we had an assignment to write a couplet poem for Halloween. I wish I still had that poem, but I have the memory of my teacher praising me for something I did well. That was the moment I discovered my passion for writing. From then on, I wrote whenever possible, even when I should have been doing other things. I filled reams of notebooks with stories instead of taking notes in class.

In college, I enrolled in a creative writing program, but doubt crept in, and I switched my major to the even less practical field of anthropology. I didn’t write much for a long time after that. When we moved to Georgia in 2002, I revived my love for writing and became a staff writer for an independent magazine while working in recruiting. This side hustle ended when the magazine changed hands a few years later.

Once again, I shifted my focus back to recruiting and didn’t write for several years until I joined a now-defunct blogging collective. In the final years of my corporate career, I worked hard to transition to writing full-time, which became a reality in 2012.

Storytelling for Brands

For twelve years, my work has primarily involved creating blog content and copywriting for small businesses and marketing companies. I am proud that my first client is still with me. Two years ago, I partnered with dpeg Marketing Company, focusing on equine and agriculture content.

I am grateful to have built a successful career in content creation. However, with the rise of AI, I am curious to see how the industry evolves over the next six months. There have been lean times before, but I have always managed to keep going. During those times, I often find opportunities to do more creative work.

Creative Endeavors

During the pandemic, when many of us had to slow down and adapt, I spent a lot of time working on fiction projects. It had been years since I wrote fiction, but flexing those creative muscles again felt great. I finished two novels, although they both need significant revisions. Once work picked up again, I shelved them.

Last year, a friend suggested an idea that inspired a short story, which I quickly wrote. Like my novels, it also needs revisions. Another friend has encouraged me to write a non-fiction book for her publisher for years, but I always felt my ideas were too scattered.

In the second half of this year, I plan to focus more on these creative projects. I’m carefully revising my short story, hoping this process will help me develop the habit of revising and eventually tackling my novels. I also started working on a proposal for the non-fiction book. I finally managed to create a coherent outline and have begun writing the sample chapters.

Looking Ahead

I am excited about these projects. Alongside my work with dpeg and my other clients, I am enthusiastic about diving into more creative endeavors. I am also looking to add two new clients to my roster. I want to work with brands eager to tell their stories and create educational and engaging content that attracts algorithms while prioritizing readers.

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